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p>i”m posting again – hi!

i”ve had too much coffee and am in such a crazy mood that i thought to myself, instead of being productive with your real life, why not post on your old site again!? and damned if i didn”t think that was sheer brilliance.

hi again! hello!

it”s really hard (and yet easy!) to start posting here again because actual content ideas escape me. not that content was ever the point here, am i right? because let”s be honest, it”s basically always been Pai Gow rules are influenced by the original pai gow traditions from hundreds of years ago, but the Casino version uses a regular deck of playing cards in place of the dominoes or tiles. drivel. but drivel, i think, is pretty excellent sometimes.

it”s not, really, but let”s pretend. no one is reading this so DOES IT MATTER?

it”s winter outside. i am still writing my novel. slowly. always slowly. because i am far more fond of being a driveller. too bad that”s not a profession. well, some people have made it a profession but i”ve always been too lazy.

headstone will read: lazy driveller.


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